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Each online catalog has three different search screens. Select a search screen based on your familiarity with the CSRM Library online catalogs and database searching techniques.

Basic Search Screen
This search screen provides essential search prompts. Each prompt corresponds to a specific field in the catalog record. A single word, phrase or term (controlled vocabulary) can be typed at each prompt. Some search prompts search more than one field.

Basic Search Screen with Examples
Use this screen if you are new to searching the CSRM Library online catalogs. This search screen provides the same search prompts as the Basic Search Screen as well as suggestions for maximizing the number of records retrieved.

Expanded Search Screen
This search screen contains additional search prompts. Click on the Word Wheel button to see the terms (controlled vocabulary) used in selected fields. Use these terms to configure queries in any of the search screens.

For assistance in configuring an effective search, click on Help

Use to submit a search.    
Use to clear the search screen.

Search results are displayed in a default report form which cannot be altered by the user. A search may yield multiple records; however, a maximum of 25 records will be displayed at one time.

Click on "Online Catalogs Home Page" to return to the complete list of online catalogs.

To return to the home page for a specific online catalog, click on link to the search screen menu.

Online Catalogs Home Page

The Library's collections are extensive and diverse. Many documents have been catalogued and entered into searchable online catalogs. Additional online catalogs and other finding aids are available for review in the Library reading room. Some of these will be available online in the future.

An indication of document availability is provided in the introduction to each online catalog. Please contact the Library in advance of your visit to allow sufficient time for retrieval.

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Lima Locomotive Works Drawing Indexes
Pullman Company Negatives
Railroad Accident Reports
New Railroad Menus
Technical Drawings

Funding for the development and hosting of the California State Railroad Museum Library online catalogs was provided by a grant from the North American Railway Foundation. The Foundation, headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was formed on October 22, 1996, as a nonprofit organization. Its purpose is to explore, nurture and support railway safety, efficiency and technology and to educate about and preserve the history of railroads in the United States and Canada.

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