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How to order reproductions
Reproductions of documents in the Library collection are supplied in accordance with CSRM guidelines and copyright regulations. Guidelines and request forms are available at the Library & Collections section of the California State Railroad Museum web site.

If you are requesting reproduction of an item from one of the online catalogs, please include:
(1) the name of the online catalog
(2) the record identification number (if available)
(3) a description of the item.
The Library will advise you if reproduction is possible, the cost, and upon receipt of payment, will process your request.

How to report errors in the Online Catalogs
Although every effort has been made to provide accurate information, typographical errors and inconsistencies occur. If you find an error, the Library staff would like to make a correction. Contact the staff by e-mail and please include:
(1) in the subject field of the message: [Name of the online catalog] + Problem
(2) in the body of the message: the record identification number (if available)
(3) in the body of the message: brief description of the error.
The online catalogs are hosted by an off-site server. Errors will be corrected on the Library server but may take a while to appear in the web-based version.

If you have additional questions or comments
Contact the staff by e-mail and please include:
(1) full name
(2) mailing address
(3) daytime telephone number.