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Technical Drawings

Basic Search Screen with Examples

Enter the desired term(s), then click on the "Submit Query" button.

Corporate Name

Searches 2 fields: Corporate Name, Other Corporate Name. The Corporate Name field refers to the entity which produced the drawing. The Other Corporate Name field refers to other corporate names noted on the drawing.

Omit Railroad, Railway, Company or other generic corporate designation.

Drawing Number

Searches 5 fields: Drawing Number, Former Drawing Number, New Drawing Number, Other Drawing Number, Valuation Section.

Enter space between letter prefixes / suffixes and the number [MWD 5648 not MWD5648].

Some letter prefixes can assist in subject searches. For example, Southern Pacific drawings with the prefix DL refer to diesel locomotive drawings of a specific size or the prefix Coast Division refers to a geographic location. Use prefixes to find similar drawings.


Searches 2 fields: Earliest Date, Latest Date.

Only the earliest date and the latest revision date from the title block have been entered.

Omit month and date.


Searches 2 fields: Description, Used On. The Description field contains the precise wording which appears on the drawing's title block.

Bracketed information comes from secondary sources.

Use keyword or stem search ("station*" finds station, stations, stationary etc.).

Geographic Location

Most geographic location fields include the county. Search by county to broaden search ("Marin" finds all cities within Marin County). For cities where the county could not be identified, the term "XX" has been inserted (California. XX. Simi).


Not every record has a subject. Try a keyword search in the description.


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